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Frequently Asked Questions

Covering your unit – Covers must be of a “breathable” fabric & securely fastened to prevent damage to your unit.

Toilet tissue – Be sure to use RV 2-ply toilet tissue or 1-ply toilet tissue to prevent blockage

Winterizing steps:
Drain all of your tanks & leave the valves open to remove all moisture.
Use a glycol-based RV antifreeze to run through the water system.
Do not forget your outside shower!!
Put antifreeze in all the traps.
OR – Let us do it for you! Our work is guaranteed!

Wheel bearings should be repacked every 3 – 4 years or 10,000 miles. Rough roads can damage bearings.

Units can be left unplugged when not in use. You may want to remove the fuse to the battery to prevent draining it. Make sure your battery is fully charged first.

To clean the exterior of your unit:
Wash & treat the roof 1st using special rubber roof cleaner & treatment.
Wash the sidewalls with a good cleaner made for black streaks.
Wax the unit with a good wax. We carry an excellent spray on wax that is easy to use.
Clean & treat the tires.

To clean your awning – do not use a harsh cleaner as it will take the water proofing out of your awning. Use a vinyl cleaner that has a UV blocker in it and is non-bleaching. Make sure the awning is completely dry before rolling it back up to prevent mold & mildew from forming on the awning.

To clean & treat your rubber roof:
Use a cleaner that is made for rubber roofs. Always rinse the top and sides of your unit after you clean the roof.
There is also special rubber roof treatment to put on the roof after you have it clean.

To clean your Fold Down tent: Iosso makes an excellent soft fabric cleaner for fold down tents. As with your awning, do not use a harsh cleaner as it will remove the water proofing from the tent material.

Check your roof and all caulkings at least once every year. Reseal if you notice any cracks or voids.

Keep your blinds or curtains closed during non-use to keep your fabrics from fading.

Use awning clamps or tie downs to secure your awning. Awnings can be left out in a light breeze or drizzle but should be rolled up if winds increase or it looks like rain. You can also tilt 1 arm lower to help water run off.

Check your L/P detector, smoke alarm, and CO2 detector every time you go out.  CO2 & L/P alarms over 5 years old should be replaced. To prevent damage your detectors and sensors, avoid using aerosols close by.

Slideout covers protect the slideout roof from debris and keeps direct sunlight off the roof which will help you maintain a cooler unit.

Maxx air vent covers allow you to leave your vents open on rainy days for better ventilation. It is very important for your unit to get ventilation to keep mold from forming in damp areas. This ventilation also keeps excessive heat from building up in your unit.

Place a thermometer in your refrigerator to ensure food quality. Cool the refrigerator for approximately 5 hours before putting in cold foods.

Emptying your holding tanks – wait till the tanks are 2/3 full for better results. Empty the black tank 1st, then the gray tank.

Use only white water hoses for your fresh water to avoid foul taste and odors in your water.

Carry a spare tire with you at all times to ensure no interruptions in your travels.

We can help you with all of your hitch and towing needs. There are excellent weight distribution hitches with sway control built into them available. Talk to us about the different F/W hitches available too.

If your monitor panel is giving false readings, clean the tank thoroughly and let dry completely. Level gauge cleaners are also available.

Permanent park campers - consider a downsized water softener. It is easy to use and good for your water system.

L/P, Smoke, & CO2 detectors have a life span of 5 - 7 years. Make sure you're keeping your family safe! Also - keep any aersol sprays away from detectors!

Every 3 months you should inspect all windows & doors. Also inspect roof vents, and all other roof components for defects. Promptly reseal any affected areas - or we would be happy to take care of this for you!



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